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If you have a student that is doing poorly in math, but are unable to figure out how to help him, then our easy to use, Kids Gotta Learn, Math Basics (1, 2, 3, ... to Pre-Algebra) is ideal for you. It is an inexpensive way to figure out exactly why the child is having difficulty, and it guides you to specific worksheets that strengthen the student's weaknesses.

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Kids gotta Learn Is your student having difficulty in math and you don't know how to help him? Tutoring is expensive. Math Basics (1, 2, 3 ... to Pre-Algebra) can help before he gets into Algebra and fails. And if your student is already in Algebra and doing poorly, he probably never mastered the fundamentals in math in the first place. Math Basics can help.


Kids gotta Learn Do you have students that haven't mastered math basics and are doing poorly in math? Do you have the time to give each student the individual tutoring he needs?

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Math Basics (1,2,3 ... to Pre-Algebra) complete package is available in book format. - $42.15 (with free shipping)

Math Basics

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